Why do we snore?


When you fall asleep, the muscles in your neck and throat relax, and your breathing passages become narrower.

Breathing through partially collapsed passages causes your airway to vibrate when you take in air.

Obstruction can cause snoring in people who are overweight or getting older due to the accumulation of extra tissue. 


Another factor that can cause snoring is inflammation of your upper airway and nasal passages. 

Inflammation can result from allergies, poor air quality, or smoking habits.

Dehydration & Congestion

Dehydration can also cause snoring when you lack natural lubricant inside your body, and your tissue flaps and muscles stick together with dryness. 

In a similar way, chronic congestion and postnasal drip can cause snoring when mucus restricts your nasal airways and your floppy tissue sticks together.

How Smart Nora Stops Snoring

When the Pebble detects early sounds of snoring, Smart Nora starts a gentle movement under the pillow through a padded insert and a silent pump. 

This movement stimulates the throat muscles and opens the airway, allowing for natural breathing to resume and, most importantly, helping the snorer and their partner enjoy a restful sleep through the night.

Smart Nora vs other Anti-Snoring Devices

Mouthpiece (MAD)

Chin Strap

No Side Effects

Potential Side Effects

Little to No Side Effects

Smart Nora stops snoring without causing negative side effects or compromising comfort from the very first night.

Wearing anti-snoring mouthpieces (MADs) can result in uncomfortable and inconvenient side effects, including jaw pain and stiffness, drooling, and dry mouth.

Wearing a restrictive chin strap can cause minor levels of discomfort and stiffness, especially after the first few nights.



Anti-snoring mouthpieces (MADs) are the most invasive option out of the devices explored here. Though this invasive approach can widen airways and reduce the risk of snoring, this method can
result in pain and discomfort, which can negatively impact the quality of sleep. 

Smart Nora is a contact-free, non-invasive snoring solution; there’s nothing to put on the face or in the mouth. The Pebble simply sits on the bedside table and listens for snoring, the padded insert gently moves the pillow to open the airways and stop the snore, and the Base unit sits beside the bed and silently pumps to activate the insert.

As an anti-snoring device that restricts chin movement and mouth breathing, chin straps, though technically non-invasive, require a high degree of facial contact that could be considered an uncomfortable invasion of personal space. This contact reliant approach also fails to address the common internal issues that cause snoring, such as the narrowing of airways. 

Contact Required

Highly Customizable

Smart Nora offers a unique level of customization for optimal comfort and consistent results. With Smart Nora, you can change the sound sensitivity setting on the Pebble and adjust the inflation setting on the Base unit to accommodate your sleep style and deliver the best results.

Elegant & Discreet Design

Smart Nora's patented design enables it to function in silence, allowing the user to go to bed normally and hassle-free. On top of that, Smart Nora is compact and portable for ease of traveling. 

Personalized Support

Smart Nora includes five-star, personalized customer support. Our expert sleep coaches are ready to help you with any questions or customizations. 

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Moderately Customizable

Anti-snoring mouthpieces (MADs) offer a moderate level of customization through boil-and-bite molding, which creates an impression of your teeth. Many MADs can also be adjusted for different jaw advancement levels. This modification can, however, result in pain and discomfort, as mentioned in the negative side effects above. 

Unattractive & Indiscreet Design

Anti-snoring mouthpieces (MADs) are designed to get the job done rather than provide an optimized experience. They are invasive, sometimes painfully so, and indiscreet; they can even cause unattractive side effects such as drooling 

Little to No Support

As most anti-snoring mouthpieces (MADs) can be purchased over the counter, customers are often forced to customize the devices without personalized support or consult a doctor when questions arise. 

How Smart Nora Works

Slightly Customizable

Though most chin straps are designed to adjust to your head and face, and some are available in small, regular, and large sizes; chin strap technology has not yet adequately advanced to offer a level of customization that delivers optimal comfort and results. 

Unattractive & Indiscreet Design

Most chin strap brands fail to update their designs and are constructed solely for utility rather than comfort and style. They are far from discreet, as they unattractively restrict the chin and disrupt natural bedtime conditions 

Little to No Support

Most chin strap brands do not offer a unique, hands-on approach to customer support. Finding the best chin strap fit is often up to the customer through expensive trial and error. 

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Why Smart Nora

Smart Nora is a scientifically validated snoring solution. Research conducted by SleepScore Labs shows the efficacy of using Smart Nora based on over 500 nights of collected data

of participants preferred Smart Nora over other solutions



of participants found it easy to fit Smart Nora into their nightly routine

“My SnoreLab results speak for themselves. My wife is having a great night’s sleep for the first time in ages.”  - Bernie

“Absolutely in awe with the results and the impact on how I'm feeling during the day. Bravo Smart Nora!”  - Scott

“I have used mine for 2 nights now and oh my God, it's incredible. Definitely worth the money!”  - Sonya


“Smart Nora has been a sleep saver for me and my wife…my wife has not complained about snoring once for the whole three weeks I’ve been testing. It’s far less intrusive than using an oral appliance, chin strap or breathing mask.”  - Alex Dalrymple




"According to my mom, my dad can wake up the neighbors with his deafening snores. According to my dad, my mom is exaggerating. Despite their myriad anti-snoring purchases, nothing has solved this decades-long debate. Until now. “It works,” she said. “We’ve been trying gimmick after gimmick for years. This is the first gadget that’s actually worked. We’re actually sleeping through the night, undisrupted, in the same bed.”  - Courtney Thompson

“After trying nose strips, which worked a little, but often wouldn’t stay on my husband’s nose all night, and mouth guards that were uncomfortable, I finally surrendered to the fact that I might not get any real sleep until I die. But, after recently testing out Smart Nora, a contact-free snoring solution that facilitated me sleeping quietly with my husband through the night for the first time since we met, I am compelled to scream this solution from the rooftops for anyone else in a similar situation looking for help.”   - Meggen Harris

“Smart Nora was the most effective device I tried, cutting my total snoring in half, according to my SnoreLab sleep scores. At $360, it was also the most expensive device. I did test five other, less-costly options, though none of them worked as well for me.”    - Rachel Cericola

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